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Registration Fees

Flag Football Nationals:

  • $100

-Contact Football Season:

  • $140

Player Registration Fee's & Donations

We stand on the shoulders of our Tupuna


Registration Fees

Payment Details

Account Number: 38 9024 0534390 00
Account Name: Giants
Reference: Name_sport
Code: Fees

Donations | Sponsors

Committed to our community

Our football club is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our community. If you wish to donate to our not for profit sports club development. You can use the payment details below.

Account Number: 38 9024 0534390 01

Account Name: TGiants

Reference: CompanyName or Name

Code: Donation

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Player Loans & Transfer Fees

Players who are coming from another team must understand there are costs involved. There are also limitations to how many players can transfer or loan to a team.

Player Loans are limited to 5 players per team. Unless those players are coming from a club that doesn't have a team in the competition that that rule doesn't apply. Loans can also only come from teams that are not in your competition.

Player Transfers. Teams are limited to how many players can transfer to your new club. Also there are costs for player transfers. The Takaanini Giants are making this disclaimer that the member will be responsible for this transfer fee this ranges from $50-$250 ontop of there player fees.

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