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Our Team

We stand on the shoulders of Giants

This year our committee has grown in double and we continue to bring in all the right pieces to help this club continue to grow.

Our Story

Takaanini Giants was founded by Kennedy Faimanifo 2022. The name Takaanini comes from a long history through Te Akitai and a chief named Ihaka Takaanini.  Ihaka was imprisoned where he would eventually pass and his son Te Wirihana continued his legacy. Ihaka was imprisoned for not bending the knee to the crown. We as a people of this community stand on the shoulders of our ancestors or our tupuna. We stand on the shoulders of Giants. 

We are the newest team in the small league of Auckland and only want to help support the growth of this sport in New Zealand.  All staff members run of volunteer time and commitment to the sport.

Meet The Team

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