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Club Activities

Using American Football as a vessel to support our families, rangatahi in our communtities

Our club comes with strong kaupapa Māori values as well as strong values held through the Moana. Family first. When we think about our aiga we talk about our own well being, the well being of our tamariki and the ongoing wellbeing struggles of our rangatahi. Our activities come from a systems level approach to develop not only an American Football Club that is inclusive no matter what age, size or race. But to also establish a strong presence amongst our community by supporting them through their own health & wellbeing struggles. We do this with the following activites.


American Football

A brother & sister hood for life !

If you watch any American Football Movie ever. The goal isn't always to win games or to make big hits. Its to learn that there is more then ones self out there. A brotherhood and sisterhood bond that can never be broken. A team sport diverse and inclusive of all our community members.

Date: 2023-2024 Season

Cost: TBC

Flag Football

Non-contact flag

Not only is this sport a faster growing sport but its safe for all to play. With no contact flag football gameplay mimics that of American Football but with less players and no physical contact.

Age groups are:

Youth - 13-18

Adults - 18+

Masters - 35+

Rangatahi: $30 Fee's or $100 Fee's + Kit

Adults: $50 Fee's or $130 Fee's + Kit

Kit = Uniform + Hoodie

Asset 4_1.5x.png
Asset 6_1.5x.png

G-Shock Bootcamp

FREE Big Hitter Club

This bootcamp mimics those of Brownpride and BBM classes. Tailored to support our plus size communities, to fight obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease. Our trainer is one of many co-founders of Brownpride and a Kickboxing coach for Olivers MMA South. Samoan heritage.

Date: TBC

Cost: FREE or Koha (gold coin)


FREE For woman by woman

This class is tailored to fit all woman. Ages 12-25+. This boxxfit class will get your heart beat punching and racing around the park. Take frustration out on the pads and make awesome friends along the way.

Date: TBC

Cost: FREE or Koha (gold coin)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your target audience ?

Our club has a variety of activities that tailor to specific user groups. But overall our high area of focus are on our low deprivation communities. also our communities in need of tautoko with their rangatahi. Our target audiences start with:

Colts : Both Flag & Contact aims for our Māori & Pasifika rangatahi ages 14-18

Mens: Both Flag & Contact targets Māori & Pasifika Men ages 18-35 of all shapes and sizes

Women: Both Flag & Contact targets women (14-35) of all shapes and sizes

G-Shock Bootcamp: Targets our plus size communities woman and men ages 14-35.

GIANTS South Bootcamp: Targets our Māori & Pasifika communities in need. Families and Rangatahi ages 12-50+.

BOXXFIT Workout: Targets woman and young girls aged 12-35 years old.

What will be the clubs biggest hurdle ?

Our primary objective is the health and well being of our community. So this starts with our FREE community bootcamps. We have the grounds, we have the coaches we just need the putea to pay our coaches. They also play apart of the marketing through followers within our communities.

$100 per hour per trainer. We have 3 trainers. Training runs 1hr a week per trainer for 30 weeks of the year. Rain or Shine. = $9000 to support our community with ongoing FREE community bootcamps. We have a working relationship with Bruce Pulman.

Our secondary objective would be to support the growth of football within Tamaki Makaurau starting with our COLTS players 14-18). This is a huge cost. Roughly $1000NZD a head for helmets, shoulder pads and protection for our rangatahi. A Colts team at the very minimum is 35 players. Our uniforms we can get at a great rate from newly established Atua Sports Apparel for only $55 per uniform set all sizes.

COLTS Uniforms $1925 NZD

(lasts 2-3 seasons)

COLTS Helmets + Pads $35,000 NZD (Lasts 5-10 years)

Who are your current sponsors | funding and revenue streams ?

Bruce Pulman Park are offering their  grounds for community bootcamps.

Manatoa Productions are taking care of Marketing and Promotions + Donations.

Atua Sports Apparel offering 50% of profit on every American Football Team Order

Players will be paying membership fee's for club sport.

We will be establishing an online store selling our very own club apparel via Atua Sports Apparel Store.

Reaching out to Local Boards, Foundation North + CLM.

Where do you plan to run all of this ?

We have a huge bit of work ahead of us. It all starts from the ground up. Chairmen Ken will be creating a large list of documentation along with video explainers to support those who come after us. A big part of kaupapa is our working relationship with Bruce Pulman Park. Although there is a cost involved with training on their grounds they add value not only with location but resources. They already have a vast network of reach in the community within sports but also for us to reach out to their school holiday programs and running fun football clinics with the tamariki. Keeping it fun and active.

Why American Football ?

American Football is a passion sport for founder Kennedy Kioa Faimanifo. Growing up his view on how the sport allowed all players to be included, race or color by designed it allowed people of all walks of life to become one unit. Diversity is something we are really needing in our communities. With rangatahi being influenced by drugs, alcohol or gangs we give hope to those with a positive brother hood.

Football is but a vessel to our goals which is to support our communities, families and to tautoko our people back into a kaupapa driven model of wellbeing.

Who will be coordinating the Community Activations | Trainers ?

The club will have an appointed activation's coordinator. For now this is left with chairmen Ken.

The relationships with the trainers have already been set up and we have back ups for any situation a trainer cannot make it.

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